In The Trenches: My Plan

Photo: Dorthe Kock
My plan?

What excactly is my plan? I know that if I don't have a plan or a goal, I won't get nearly the results I would as if I had a consistent plan and stuck with it. That's why I always try to keep in check where I'm going with this, and why I'm doing that. But even though I've tried to figure out my current plan since the injury, all I have is some ideas of what I want to happen and what I don't want to happen.

Before, the plan was to continue getting bigger, stronger and a better offensive lineman. Weighing 120kg and still bulking. Last year I was a U19 national team offensive lineman at 124kg. Next step? Senior national team, which means heavier and stronger opponents, which means that I'd have to bulk up even more. That idea got blown away when I got injured back in April.

Because of my knees, I have to cut off some of my weight. My knee joints just can't handle 120kg. That would mean either changing position, or at least changing my style of play drastically. This is my last season with the U19 team, next year I'll be a full time senior player. And if things work out, and keep going as they are (we're unbeaten for more than a year and a half in DI) we'll be playing NL next year. I'll probably cut down to around 100 kg, and at 100kg/180cm I'd be the smallest OL in the league. By far.

In Kolding we have neither FB nor TE, so I probably won't be playing much offense. My guess is that I'll get most playing time as a Defensive Lineman. Either that or some sort of LB. And a lot of special teams! At 100kg/180cm I'd be too small for OL and interior DL, but I don't think I'll be fast enough to play End. But that is something I can work on! Getting leaner, stronger, faster and better is something I can work on for years. Knees made of glass is a curse I can't neglect.

As I mentioned in my last post, I'm also focusing more and more on coaching. As long as I can stand on my feet for a few hours in a row, I can coach. I learned so much at the U16 national team camp, and there are gonna be major staff changes for at least our U16 team in Kolding. I hope I can get a spot on our U19 staff somehow. And of course continue working my way up on the junior national teams staff.

All in all my plan is to cut down to 100kg, get a lot stronger and faster, while working on my defensive skillset. And the goal is to get a spot on the national team(within the next 5 years), probably as a DL, maybe LB. And at the same time, become a competent coach, so that whenever I do hang the cleats, I can use my time and effort on coaching medium-high level football.

Wait a sec... Does that mean I have to learn how to tackle properly?!

Daniel 'GG Watt' Gammelgaard