Oslo Vikings: Rookie Night

Photo source: Vikings
Do you stay up every year to follow the Super Bowl, you have a NFL team you're passionately following, or have you ever seen American football and thought "This is so fun". Oslo Vikings want to invite YOU to their Rookie Night.

American football in Norway is growing every year, and Oslo Vikings are proud to have the U13, U15, U17, U19 and Senior team for many years now.

Great fitness facilities, skilled trainers, good cohesion.

The purpose of the Rookie Night is to provide YOU an opportunity to get the feel of what football is all about. It does not matter what age you are, young, old or in between, if you have played before or are just curious. You are most welcome, and feel free to bring a friend or two.

Oslo Vikings are seeking ALL of you out there who want to try a sport where size is as important as speed, agility and endurance.We want more big guys who want to train with close monitoring and program to be key pieces for next year's season.

Challenging, experiences and travels.

There is no requirement for prior experience. The only thing we want is to meet future Vikings with the ambition to develop themselves in American football and a desire to try the ultimate team sport.

We are looking for players for of all age groups. It's completely free and you just need to show up. The only thing you need to bring is pen and paper. Possible some snacks too.

Oslo Vikings will line up with our skilled trainers and committed players who will share more information about the club. Practice is the next step if you are interested.

Address: Frogner Stadion
Date: Thursday 28 August
Time: Kl. 18.00

For questions please contact via the " Contact us "or find us on facebook.