Scotland: Edinburgh Wolves Ladies Are Recruiting!

Photo: Lisa Ferguson
Did you know women in Scotland play football? Now you do!

Edinburgh Wolves are the first and currently the only women's football team in Scotland, but that is not stopping them from training hard and getting ready for games! And, they just started a new round of recruitment.

"The Edinburgh Wolves Women's team is preparing to return to training after several successful pre-Christmas training sessions, and we've been delighted with the response of new women interested in taking up the sport. As the only women's team in Scotland, we are generating lots of interest from women across the region, and we are working hard to prepare for our first games within the next couple of months. We are always interested in new players as well as other supporting roles for the team, and sponsors looking to support this pioneering club." says teams chairman, Allan Price.

Check out the poster under, or visit teams Facebook page for more information.