TDEU Heroes: Roger Kelly, Editor/Journalist

TDEU Heroes are people we don't get to see that much in the public eye. They are working long hours to help their teams behind the scenes and sometimes are dedicated even more than the players. If you know a Hero, send us a message, and tell us about your nominee!

This section wouldn't make sense without having Roger Kelly in it. Everyone in Europe, who is involved with American football had to hear the name at least once. Roger has been helping football in Europe for years, starting with connecting teams and players. Now, Roger is the editor and  journalist at American Football International.

Therefore, we spoke with John McKeon, founder of AFI, to share more insight on Rogers work -

Roger's media savvy and American football network surpasses anyone I've ever known. His contacts span from Australia to Sweden and everywhere in between. Roger's content and editorial leadership at AFI is invaluable and a driving force. His love for the game is evident in everything from his email correspondence to in his daily recaps, articles and op-eds. We believe that the work Roger does plays a huge role in the larger development of American football outside the US.

A journalist's / editor's work is never done, especially in the evolving new media space. Layer on the incredible growth of American football outside the United States and there is quite a bit to wrap one's head around. Quality content and professional journalism is going to be a large part of what brings awareness and eyeballs to the sport internationally, and on that playing field, Roger is leading the way.

Roger is well respected in the players community as well, where Quarterback Micah Brown had nothing but kind words as well -

I'd like to express my sincere gratitude, on behalf of myself and some others, for the contribution made by Roger Kelly to improve and enhance the European-American football community. We do appreciate the time you've spent reviewing our careers. Your advice is valuable and has given us new perspectives. The exposure you share of football throughout the world gives us time to reflect on the importance and value of the success of the sport we're passionate about.

I take this opportunity to express my thanks to you, Roger Kelly and the American Football International staff. We do anticipate the same guidance, advice and support from you and your organization in the future also. Thanks!

Roger, congratulations, you're a TDEU Hero!