UniWatchers: Warsaw Sharks & Kragujevac Wild Boars Edition

Adam, Avála Creative Director, has been designing uniforms for over 10 years. His work was featured on ESPN, and now, he's reviewing European American football team uniforms! Don't forget to place your vote too!


The Sharks new uniform is a major upgrade in so many different ways. The last uniform had no contrast at all. Numbers on the new one are actually readable. The updated color scheme is really nice.

My only complaint would be about the lack of light blue in jersey, and the straight stripe on the helmet doesn't match the jagged edges on the rest of the uniform.

Overall Impression (1-5): 4 

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The Wild Boars new uniform is an upgrade, but not by much. I like the sublimated logo on the front of the jersey, but it's hard to tell that it is a boar unless you have seen the logo before.

I also think the new uniform would have benefited from a bold black sleeve design or black cuffs, instead of the stripes on the side. The stripes are outdated, they remind me of the the current Denver Broncos uniform, which came out 19 years ago.

Overall Impression (1-5): 3 

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