TDEU Heroes: Darko Nikolić, Journalist

Photo: Rajko Ristic,
TDEU Heroes are people we don't get to see that much in the public eye. They are working long hours to help their teams behind the scenes and sometimes are dedicated even more than the players. If you know a Hero, send us a message, and tell us about your nominee!

It's hard to explain our new TDEU Hero - Darko Nikolić, or as some know him - "Huddle Bre". He pours his heart and soul in what he does - combining his articles with (heroic) storytelling. Since we also had the honor to work with him, it would be much easier to add in our 2 cents, along with Coach Blažo Bojić.

- Darko is one of the kindest, most selfless people I had ever had a chance to work with. He turns articles into timeless stories. Whenever I would need help to get the team spirit up - he'd always come in and write the most amazing inspirational speech for the guys. Whenever I asked him for help with the PR, saying the team doesn't have a budget - he'd always respond "A smile is more than enough". He's that person who'd write on a blurred bus window "Smile", on a cold winter morning, in hopes it would brighten up someones day. He's that person who helped the Serbian special Olympic team get more recognition and sponsorships. 

And not just that, he's the very first person in the line that American football in Serbia should thank. Although as modest as he is - it's impossible not to see how much he helped and still helps the sport. One of the more emotional stories (click on the title): When a mammoth goes down; or, IFAF Europe Final Four - Final message from Belgrade.

He is not a reporter. He's a writer.

Darko, you are just.. Absolutely... Amazing! A true role model! I hope our paths in football will continue to cross! - says Mia Bajin of Touchdown Europe.

Nothing less came from Coach Blažo Bojić of Belgrade SBB Vukovi, who has been around the sport as long as Darko has - Darko is just a sports journalist, BUT ONLY at the first glance. He brilliantly uses his writing about athletes, fans, people who have any contact with sport - to bring much more important topics to the surface. A tireless seeker for the human in humans, who brings another piece of the mosaic to daylight - where he wants to tell us what we, as a human kind, may have forgotten. 

In his articles, between the lines, he reminds us that we're here for each other, that we should celebrate nobleness, persistence, and, that the lofty goals we aim for are not far. 

Heroes, of his seemingly regular, but actually heroic stories, are here around us. We just need that someone to make the connection. With his writing, Darko by being inspired with others' accomplishments, makes every single one of us better and worthier.

Darko, you are a Hero!