UniWatchers: Thonon Black Panthers & Kiel Baltic Hurricanes Edition

Adam, Avála Creative Director, has been designing uniforms for over 10 years. His work was featured on ESPN, and now, he's reviewing European American football team uniforms! Don't forget to place your vote too!


I'm not liking the direction the Black Panthers went with these new uniforms. Aside from the random black panel on the back and the numbers on the pants, the old uniform looked pretty solid. This new one is just a mess. The gradient is always better as and accent. It should never be your primary design.

The removal of the word-mark was a huge mistake. Take the helmet off and you would have no idea what team you are playing. This uniform just seems really lazy to me. This isn't the worst uniform I have ever seen but its close.

Overall Impression (1-5): 2 

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This is a hard one for me. It seems like a lateral move, and improvement and an downgrade all at the same time. While simplifying the jersey was a move in the right direction, I really liked the pants design from the last uniform.

The design on the last set of pants was really original and gave the team some kind of identity. While the new uniform is boring and has no team branding on the jersey or pants its still and upgrade over the hideous jersey they were using. That jersey had way too much going on.

One thing both uniforms have going for the is the helmet, the paint job is just a thing of beauty.

Overall Impression (1-5): 3

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