Behind The Scenes: Miloš Nestorović, Video Editor

How much do we actually appreciate the work of everyone who is behind the scenes - from guys preparing the field for a game, to everyone who is making sure games are recorded/streamed? What does it actually take to be good at any given job behind the scenes of a football organization/league?

Miloš Nestorović got interested in videography, photography and editing, where he started with short clips about the import life while he was playing for the Allgau Comets, Germany. Now, as his knowledge is expanding, he's professionally editing game film as well.

As HLs are one of the most important things during the signing period, we talked to Miloš about them, where he shared great information on how to create an effective highlight film - or, you can just simply contact him to save you lots of time, and create you an awesome looking HL film that will appeal to teams and coaches.

- A good highlight film is short, honest and watchable video clip made out of the very best plays that you made in the previous season. Short, because coaches watch 5 to 10 highlight videos per day, sometimes a lot more than that. They don't have the time to look at 10 minutes long videos, and most likely, they will refuse to watch videos that are that long. 

Therefore, be short,choose your best plays wisely and get the attention from the coaches. Also,be honest with your videos, because when you get the attention from the coaches, they might want to check your stats and background, and if you said that you were averaging 200 yards plus per game, and you didn't - they won't sign you and you will lose all the respect, probably from the other teams as well. Coaches do communicate with each other!

In the end,your highlight video should be watchable. That basically means don't put gangsta rap music, or some heavy metal stuff, don't do special effects (believe it or not, I've seen a QB's highlight that included fire burning effect in the endzone, every time when he threw a TD). 

Also, if it's possible, your games should be recorded in HD quality and perhaps from different angles. It just gives that better feeling when you are watching something that's crisp and sharp.

The QB story got us interested more in hearing what are some DO's and DONT's, as we have also seen a lot of bad film, that was just not presentable at all. Sometimes players forget that they need the best possible presentation for teams and coaches, and fail to realize that this is exactly like any other job interview.

- I've seen some examples where people decide to go to their buddy who "knows how to edit" and that edit takes like 5 days straight. I like to believe once you apply for your highlight film, I get a deadline that is 24 hours long. Almost every time you will get your highlight video in even less than that. 

The reason I can actually do it that fast is because I went to school that taught me how to do it and also because I gained a lot of experience during that time. 

Same as graphic designers - video editors may not be taken as seriously as they should be. With all the apps and programs available - editing looks very easy. However, a free app can not replace heavy video editing programs. With that being said, we asked Miloš to give us more insight on people coming to him and asking for free service.

- People usually don't understand video artists, they usually say something like "Bro, but it takes you like one hour to do it, why would you charge me?". It takes me that much because I invested in my education, my equipment - so please respect that.

Miloš has recently finished HL for one of the Hall of Fame athletes - Miloš Lišanin. Check it out! And, if you'd like to contact him, click HERE.