Finland: East City Giants Winter Player Combine [Video]

East City Giants are shooting series to keep their fans updated on teams activities, as well as to raise the following the sport has in Finland.

- The series are to keep our followers involved with what's going on inside of our organization. We are not only working to build our team, but to help build the popularity of Finnish football by raising the standards of professionalism. We also allow our players to have a voice and speak out what they feel about football in Finland. Players are picked at random. - says Coach Jabari Harris.

Players had an organized winter combine where they were earning grades, where each position had different skill challenges.

- The combine went extremely well. Players had the experience to compete in a real, organized combine and earn a combine grade between F-A+. The score was computer generated based on their times in the drills and scores in the skill challenge. Each position had a different skill challenge.

Giants are the oldest team in Finland, and are preparing for the season ahead: Our expectations is to make it to the Final in the first division. We are stepping up from the 2nd division and want to build our brand and earn our respect. Giants are the oldest football team in Finland and have a great history of winning and playing at a high level. Our goal for the season is to do just that, but add a little flavor to the Finnish football culture. Our motto: "Do it big like the Giants." - says Coach Harris.