Play Football At Canadian University Level!

Micah Brown, one of our Hall Of Famers, has recently retired from football in Europe, however he may not be done with football just yet! He is currently coaching in Canada at the University level, and more importantly - looking for European athletes, ages 17-23!

Coach Brown shared more information about the football program and scholarships:

This is for football players at the given age bracket, that truly feel they can compete at the university level. This interest note is for St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia Canada. We compete in the Atlantic University Sport conference (AUS) under the USports (Canadian version of NCAA) umbrella.

So, the basis of this flyer is to help reach some euro football talent. Help make university and university football a reachable goal for them! I'm coaching at StFX and I know what this university, football program and community can offer kids and can feel good sharing the opportunity with them. There have been a number of international players here, more notably Mete Konya from Osanabruck Germany (now playing with New Yorker Lions) and Kadel King, a British player who has been a dominate 3 year starter and has 2 years remaining.

Advantages for USports and StFX (St Francis Xavier) is that there isn't an issue with playing professionally before coming to compete at the university level. 

In fact, I myself played in the CFL (professionally) then went to compete in USports (University Sports Canada). Other advantages are that an athlete has 7 years to compete with 5. Comparison to the NCAA where its 5 to compete 4. Those added years can have a wide array of benefits; complete a bachelors and start of, if not complete a masters degree. Extra years to redshirt, in order to develop physically, mentally, game play understanding, etc... And that 5th year on the field, couldn't imagine how dominate I'd be on the field if I had a 5th year to compete!

More over... The possibilities to be scouted by the professional levels and even be invited to camps, tryouts, combines are there and you can do it throughout your university career here, without penalty. The only yield would be if you make the CFL roster and stay on it past Aug 15th, then a year of university eligibility is lost. Thats the only penalty.

Financially, school is far less expensive than its US counterparts. The average cost to attend university in the States is roughly USD $25,000 - $50,000! Canada... CAD $10,000- $15,000 (which is a whopping USD $7,700- $11,550 or 6.700- 10.000 Euro!). Though scholarships are offered, they are selective and awarded accordingly.

Here’s a link to a questionnaire for the kids to fill out that will reach us here at StFX, for evaluation. Evaluation is free!