Learn To Embrace Your Inner Bill Belichick

Photo Source: Wikimedia
Bill Belichick is arguably one of the greatest coaches in NFL history.  Despite the occasional conflict in his career, he has guided the New England Patriots to seven Super Bowl appearances, resulting in five championships as a head coach.  He also netted two Super Bowl rings as a defensive coordinator for the New York Giants prior to arriving in New England. 

While his enigmatic character may be confusing to fans, Belichick is a master of crafting winning teams year in and year out.

Now in his 17th season at the helm of the Patriots, Belichick and company show no signs of slowing down, as they are the favorite to win the Super Bowl at 11-4.

But what makes Belichick so great?  The answer can be found in a fanatical adherence to preparation and discipline.

One of the things that is important to the winning ways of the New England Patriots is the way that Belichick prepares the team for their games.  On Mondays during the season, he quizzes the players on the game plan for the upcoming week.

On the first day of quizzing, players are lightly reprimanded for any incorrect answers that they give the coach.  As the week goes on, continually getting answers wrong on these quizzes leads to more reprimanding.  Being “intensely prepared” for a game physically is not enough for Belichick.

Belichick is also a stickler for a holistic approach to football discipline.  He tends to draft or obtain players who come from colleges with coaches who have a reputation for regimented discipline. These are players who come to the Patriots in a “battle ready” mold that Belichick can shape from the first day, using his methods.

Further demonstrating the discipline he instills in players, Belichick knows exactly how to strike a balance between strict discipline and earning the respect of his players. This is an important aspect that certainly makes a huge impact out on the field.  

With players eager to earn his respect, they give all they have in their on-field performances. This is a cycle that has proven very valuable for Belichick.

He is also very smart with his praise.  Some people might praise anyone for any little thing. Belichick is known for being sparse with any compliments. Even when a game seems to be going almost perfectly, he still tends to point out any flaws he sees in his squad.   Being so conservative with his praise makes players appreciate it when he does offer an accolade.

Belichick even deflects any praise he is given back to his team.  He understands the team nature of football and the role everyone in the unit must play in order to provide a championship-caliber performance on game day.  

In a sport where emotions tend to run high and are emphasized on the field, the seemingly emotionless Belichick keeps things simple and straightforward. If a team plays well, they win.  It’s a simple and highly effective motto.

The fact is that his methods work.  He holds his players to an exceptionally high standard, and he doesn’t care about anything else but maintaining this standard on and off the field. His expectations of excellence inspire his players to be the absolute best they can be. It’s definitely an effective strategy that has paid off in championship after championship.