Brown Hopes To Lead His Team To Iceland

Hall of Famer QB Micah Brown has recently retired from football in Europe, however, that didn't stop him to continue help football grow - in Canada. After his teams first season being right behind us, Brown is working on getting his team over to Iceland.

The Halifax Harbour Hawks is a developmental football program representing Nova Scotia, in the Maritime Football League and was established to provide athletes the opportunity to play quality football. The Harbour Hawks are committed to providing quality coaching and experience while defining the skillsets needed for these athletes to pursue their university and professional careers or just further their playing experience. Program operates as a university/professional atmosphere and has been made possible by the support from around the city from companies and individuals, which highly offset the team’s operating expenses.

Einhejrar is the only American football team in Iceland. "Einherjar team president came across the Halifax Harbour Hawks livestream and social media posts. It sparked an interest in him to reach out to me to inquire if we’d be interested in playing an international game in Iceland" says Micah Brown, and continues - "I’m extremely excited! This is literally just the beginning! This was our inaugural season and we were very successful in operating and providing the environment we ensured the coaches, players and fans would have.

I remind our players that this program that their apart of is special in many ways. One being that in Atlantic Canada, that this is the only football that can be played, aside from high school or university. The other being that this is MORE than “just football”! The character, camaraderie, community, etc that this sport incumbents and builds reaches far beyond the gridiron. This opportunity exemplifies that to the fullest! This is an opportunity for our team to play in an international game, in Iceland!

Furthermore, from the information that has been collected, this would be the first for a Canadian based football team to play a game outside of North America! That’s something teams in the CFL haven’t done!"

You can also help the Harbour Hawks reach their goal! Team has set up a GoFund me page - to donate - CLICK HERE.