Wroclaw Panthers vs Imports - What Happened In Wroclaw?

Photo: Sebastian Stankiewicz

In the past few days, while most is focused on playoffs and finals (and while TDEU is on a break!), one event took the American football community in Europe by storm. Wroclaw Panthers imports went missing. At the time, we contacted Wroclaw to get some information on what happened, however, the only response was that if we manage to find out anything - we should let them know.

There were numerous rumors circling around on what went down between the organization and their import players, however, the other day, Morovick, Panthers (now former) QB put out a statement on his Instagram account.

And, Morovick was right. Why would two imports decide to leave the organization right before the playoffs? Panthers weren't open for an official statement, so we had to start digging.

What we managed to obtain was that the organization noticed their imports were missing, after they didn't show up for a summer camp (where they were supposed to be coaches). Actually, the imports were there for the first portion of it, during Day 1 (Camp was 2 days, 2 practices a day, the imports showed up for 1 practice). After going to the apartment, team found hand written notes from the imports, in the form of a resignation. After that, the locks on the apartment were changed, due to the breach of contract, which  was signed prior to the season. Not too long after, apartment got broken into - and the police was informed. Supposedly, the imports came back to the apartment, to take some of their belongings, and as they didn't want to contact anyone from the team - they broke into the apartment.

Some of the issues were - car being taken away from the imports, as well as the catering being cancelled. From what we could find out is that both the car and catering were a bonus that the team provided for the imports, and that those were not mentioned in the contract. After 5 or so months, car had to be returned to the company that was renting it, while the catering stopped as the company resigned from the deal.

Due to still not being able to get in touch with the imports, and after the resignation letter on the fridge - team has cancelled the return flights for the imports, as the contractual obligations stopped for both parties.

There were more rumors circling, however, we believe it should only be focused on the main ones, as this is a grey zone between the team and their, now, former players.

At the moment, the 2 imports are seeking new teams. We do believe a release form will be needed in order to be able to sign with a new team during this season. While Panthers, due to how late in the season they are - will not be able to replace the import players with new ones.  - What we're trying to say is that - both parties are now hurting, and we hope that this situation will be resolved the best possible way for both ends.