Can & Mamut - A Friendship Straight From A Flowerpot

 Can Demirsoy plays safety for Istanbul Koc Rams. But, before we get to the story, we asked Can to share his football experience.

- I began to my football career in 2009 with Yasar Admirals. Yasar Admirals was my college’s team. I was a defense player when i was starting to play football. But then I started to play as a wide receiver. After couple of semi-professional team experience, I transferred to the Koc Rams Professional Football Team which is located in Istanbul. I am currently playing in Koc Rams as a safety. We won the National Championship title twice and earn second place at CEFL tournament during my career with the Koc Rams. I did experience a lot of things that excites me to a football. But the most highlighted moment was after my interception touchdown celebration in Koc Rams - Moscow Patriots game. When I did pick six whole team has gone crazy and celebrate my touchdown with me. That was unbelievable and the moment I will never forget.

We noticed photos he was posting on his social profiles, with his new friend - a cat he named Mamut. This sounds rather common, however, ever since Can adopted Mamut - they have been inseparable. From daily tasks to gym, where Can goes, Mamut does too.

- He was seen in the flowerpot when he was a new born. We couldn't find his mom, so we took him to take care of. I brought to the vet, they said he wont live much long because he hasn't got his mom. So I decided to raise him up by myself it was very challenging at the beginning. After the couple of weeks he gets used to me. He feels comfortable with me and its improves our friendship.

Today, they are best friends and have a special bond.

- He was scared of every thing when he was alone so I decided to bring him with me wherever I go. He
loves my shoulders therefore I can bring him everywhere on my shoulders.

He likes being at the gym he consider everything as a game in there. He feels comfortable in my gym.

I will take him to with me when football practices start. Especially I want bring him to my games.

How do people react? Are your teammates excited to have a new fan?

- There are lot of cat in Istanbul but peoples shock when they see him on my shoulders. Everyone wants to love and takes a photo with him. My teammates exciting when they see him and Mamut loves that attention.