RaiZe - A Fundraising Platform For Teams And Athletes Comes To Europe!

In the era of crowdfunding - not many can stand out. Especially start-up fundraising platforms. However, this one, we can proudly say - deserves our attention.

Covid-19 has impacted sports - sponsors pulling out, games getting cancelled or played without the fans at the stadiums. Teams revenue is cut to bare minimum.

And then came RaiZe.

3 former football players, today successful in their own ventures, came together to start a fundraising platform for sports organizations, staff and players. They had quite a few successful campaigns in The States, and now, they are coming to Europe - where we believe, American football is suffering the most.

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Dylan Reda is the CEO, and is known across the Europe as a beast on the defense - he played 3 seasons with Denmark's Triangle Razorbacks ('15, '16, '19), winning 3 national championships 275 Total Tackles, 10 sacks, 1 INT, 5 FF and 3 FR. 

- RaiZe is a fundraising platform designed for athletic programs and players in order to help them raise funds for anything that that see fit for themselves or an organization. With the way athletics are designed globally, many sports teams are club based and rely heavily on the players fees and sponsorships. With the help of RaiZe we give the players and clubs an opportunity to have funds available. - says Reda, 

Cody Smith, RaiZe COO, is a TDEU Hall of Fame - Defensive Back, 3-Time All-Star, 3-Time MVP, 5-Time Team Captain and has won 1 National Championship, during his 5 seasons in Europe (2 in Germany, 2 in Norway and 1 in Poland).

- RaiZe is designed to be a fun and easy platform for Teams, Athletes and Coaches to gain awareness for fundraising support.

We started this business to help Clubs all over the world battle tough time’s financially. I fell in love with the game and could really feel the love for the game that my teammates and fans all over Europe all shared, so I knew I had to do something to help. I saw too many teams struggling to raise money for the necessities of competing at a high level and knew we had to help.

CFO of Team RaiZe is Trent Johnson - a former D1 linebacker at the University of Southern Mississippi where he played alongside Reda. Due to injuries, Johnson had moved to coaching.

- I have traveled out to the EU several times and seen first-hand how European sports teams could use extra funding to maximize their sport. Over the years, Dylan and I would continually brainstorm ideas on how to benefit European athletics. This is Team RAIZE was born.
We created a customizable platform where organizations can receive donations to their program. Our program is 100% virtual and we do not require any out-of-pocket expenses. Team RAIZE has the ability to translate multiple languages as well as accept multiple currencies, therefore setting out to become the most globally used fundraising platform.

But, why should an organization start a fundraising campaign via RaiZe, vs other platforms? Smith says that RaiZe is much more proactive in their approach to helping teams, coaches and/or athletes to raise money.

- We don’t just make you a link and say “good luck”!

As a community fundraiser we are involved start to finish! Our fundraising campaigns support any financial needs and can be run at any time! Whether it be your team prepping for a season, your coaches raising money for a clinic / camp and/or funding needs for bringing in an import player for the season.

Our customized platform will provide you with a personalized page and link supplemented with automated emails and social media blasts to gain a wider audience to raise more funds. Focus on your team and leave the fundraising stresses to us!

Reda agrees, and continues: What separates RaiZe from other donation platforms is we have a rep working with the club or individual player 100% of the time. We add personal photos and videos to the page specifically for the team and players; also doing personalized social media blasts to help garner attention!

At the moment - RaiZe just launched a campaign with the Prague Lions! Any team and/or athlete that needs financial help - don't hesitate and reach out to Team RaiZe - https://www.teamraize.com/!
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