Prague Lions Are Closing In On Their Prey!

Prague Lions are only half way done with their fundraising campaign and they are already super close to their goal! Lions have teamed up with to help their sports organization with funding, since, during the pandemic - most teams in Europe are struggling with sponsorships.

Zach Harrod, Lions HC said that it was an easy decision on why to pick Team Raize as their funding platform:

- In 2016 Dylan Reda and I competed against each other, we don't need to share the details of the game, since then we had been in touch. Dylan was supposed to play and coach for us before this COVID chaos hit us. We have been talking about the Prague Lions being their pilot team here in Europe to get Raize going for some time.

We started the campaign to give us a boost hopefully coming out of this chaos around COVID. We have been working hard to line up new sponsors, but it's hard while we are still waiting for a start date for our season. Another reason we are doing it, is because it is good to get our players involved.

During these tough times, most teams are still forbidden to have fans present at their games, while companies are not sponsoring teams as much as they used to prior to Covid-19. Teams have to get creative in order to keep the ball rolling - from practice to games.

- The funds will give us a boost coming out of this tough period, as we don't know if we will be able to have fans at games, that is lost income to pay for the season. So the funds will help the club be able to function.

The campaign has started a little slow, because it's new for our guys, but it is starting to slowly pick up. Raize has been great providing resources for it, getting on live zoom calls to explain it. They have been great!
- says Zach. 
So far, Lions campaign have been moving up steadily, and we can freely say that the team is definitely raizing the bar!
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