SAAF: Serbian Eagles Flying High!

After just 15 years of playing American Football in Serbia, Serbian national team came to be among the top 8 teams in Europe.

To fly higher, Serbian Eagles now need your support

The new European championship campaign started in 2019. Serbia was ranked 8th and set to play against the national teams of Czechia and France. In the first EC game, Serbia defeated a strong and athletic Czech team in a very tough and physical match (IFAF 2020 Srbija - Czech Rep 16 - 0). After this exhausting game, Serbia faced France, the reigning European champion and one of the biggest European football powerhouses to have ever played. Even though Serbian national team outplayed the mighty French (more yards and first downs taken), luck and experience were on the side of our opponent IFAF France-Srbija 13 - 7

This impressive effort of the Serbian athletes enabled them to compete to enter the top 5 teams in Europe. In order to do that Serbian national team has to face two tough and potent opponents. 

First game will be played against Austria, vice champion of Europe and home of most of the top European football teams. The game will be played in Vienna on the 8th of August. Second game will be played in October against one of the mighty national teams - Denmark or Great Britain. 

All our successes were achieved by immense personal sacrifice and hard work of our players, coaches and team staff. In order to compete at the highest level in Europe we will need more than just our hearts and muscles. 

As the Covid19 pandemics made a significant impact on our sponsors and their business, we will need your financial support.

We will use your kind contributions to: 

  • Renew our essential equipment such as helmets, pads and padings;

  • Renew our teams jerseys and pants and rest of the playing equipment;

  • Buy new sideline equipment including water bottles, cooling equipment, etc.; 

  • Refill our medical supplies and buy new warmup equipment; 

  • Level up the existing football training equipment;

  • Purchase the sideline communication equipment; 

  • Buy new footballs that would afterwards be disseminated to the U17 players who will be the technical support during the camp;

  • Establish a fully functioning film crew for the games and practices; 

  • Purchase crucial sport software essential for taking the game to the higher levels; 

  • Include more coaches to do the shadow coaching during the national team camp;

  • Organise coach clinics with the american experts;

  • Bring more youth U17 players to the national team camp to absorb football knowledge and assist in camps technical functioning;

  • Cover accommodation and transport expenses for coaches from abroad;

  • Cover the expenses of team transport and accommodation for the game in Vienna;

  • Cover the expenses of the organisation of the game against England/ Denmark;

  • Enable free tickets for schoolchildren for the home game.

- We at SAAF want to thank the Raize team for providing us with the opportunity to raise extra funds during the COVID19 pandemics and reach new sport levels. This is a great opportunity for members of our community abroad to help the development of sport in Serbia. Additionally, by supporting us through Raize platform you will receive a tax write off for your donation. - says Branko Vučinić, SAAF Chairman.

History of the Serbian National Team

The first ever game of Serbian national football team was played on 16 October 2006. In front of the crowded stands with more than 4000 spectators Serbia won against Slovenia in a friendly game 36-0. This game was also a historical one because it was the first ever game in any sport to have a national anthem of Serbia “Bože pravde” to be played. This historical moment can be viewed here Slovenija @ Srbija 2005. (part 1)

After this initial success in 2007, Serbian team managed to enter the European Championship group C together with the teams of Austria, Norway, Switzerland and Russia. In this strong competition Serbia managed to win the 4th place in its first official tournament. 

From 2007 until 2011 Serbian national team played a series of friendly games against Russia, Ukraine, Italy and Turkey with great results. 

In 2012 Serbian Eagles managed to become Champions of European group C. In the competition against Switzerland, Netherlands and Russia they fought their way into the top 12 teams of Europe no more than 6 years after the first ever game.


The next year in Milano, Italy on European Group B Championship Serbia defeated the national team of Spain and became one of the top 10 teams in Europe.

In 2014 Serbian national team started the preparation for the next European Championship with the win over Switzerland in a friendly game.  

These preparations were a great wind in our sails since we defeated the national team of Hungary 56-0 in the qualifications for the European Championship that took place in Belgrade in 2015. SRBIJA MADJARSKA 56 00 10.10.2015

European Championship was held in Lignano Sabbiadoro in 2016. Serbia defeated Switzerland in the semifinals 17-0 EP grupa B polufinale Srbija-Svajcarska 17-0 SBB VUKOVI BEOGRAD. In the very tough and narrow final game Serbia was defeated by the talented team of Italy EP grupa B Finale Italy-Srbija 17-14

During the 2017 Serbia played a series of friendly games. First one was a win in the heavy rain against the team of Pro Hunt Srbija - Pro Hunt 14 - 0, a combined team of american and european athletes.  In the second game our team defeated the national team of Turkey. 

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