Interview: Sarah Philipp - One Of The Most Impressive Sports Photographers In Europe

During the 2021 CEFL season, we noticed a whole range of impressive photos of CEFL games. Turns out - most were taken by one photographer - Sarah Philipp.

Sarah started taking photos when she was only 8-9 years old, and today, as a 35 year old - she is one of the best. What's even more breathtaking is that she learned everything on her own. 

Falling In Love With Football

I was taken to a football field by my roommate 11 years ago. She was a Football fan and until then I had only photographed weddings, families, models etc. So everything was really new for me but football caught me from the very first moment. Since then, football became my addiction.

Capturing The Perfect Shot

Most of the time you are in the car all day, then in the stadium for hours. Either sweating or it's raining hard. And all just to get a perfect photo. All time waiting for a good shot (and being prepared for it) is sometimes „the hardest part of it“.
Often you have to overcome yourself and do things that you wouldn't normally do. For example being part of a huddle or something like that (If you’re allowed to), or use a angle that normally nobody would use. Just being creative.

Favorite Shot

There were many emotional moments. Seeing your own team lose in the bowl, taking photos and drying tears at the same time is a hard part for me. But, catching all the positive vibes after winning championship or anything like that is part of my „job“ too. Sometimes my feelings go up and down during games and I’m feeling like it’s „my gameday“ too. That’s my passion for football and photography. My fire is always on.
But if I should pick one moment, I would say that a few weeks ago I took 2-3 pictures that will last forever. I took some pictures of Kadel King and Sebastian Silva Gomez from Frankfurt Galaxy while there was a thunderstorm in the stadium. A few minutes after the pictures, the referees stopped the game because it was too dangerous. The atmosphere while thunderstorm was absolutely MAGIC.

Favorite Teams

I have a few favorite teams. Most of my time I spend with the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns, but I love some other teams too.

Why? Because it’s like coming home every time I when I enter the stadium and see all my boys being on fire and ready for the game. My teams are the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns, Allgäu Comets, Berlin Rebels, Frankfurt Galaxy and Swarco Raiders from Austria.

Words Of Wisdom For Beginners

As I said before: overcome yourself and do things that you wouldn't normally do. Be invisible but always there. Always be nice and never annoy anyone. Don't be pushy or disturbing. And very important: put all your love and passion in EVERY photo.

Dreams And Goals

Getting better every day and earn respect from teams, players and the leagues they play in. Taking pictures with a unique selling proposition. And one day: NFL :)

Mia Bajin